July 11, 2022

12 Business Boosting Benefits of WordPress Maintenance Services

Have you discovered that operating a WordPress site requires far more technical knowledge and time than you had imagined? You’re not alone.

Businesses worldwide have eventually realized that keeping a WordPress site relevant and efficient demands expertise. That’s why they’ve turned to professional WordPress maintenance services to fill their needs.

Should you also hire a website maintenance service? Don’t answer until you look at our list of 12 solid reasons to consider using WordPress maintenance services. See if there’s at least one worthwhile benefit they could offer your company.

1. You’ll Position Your Company to Be More Successful

You stand to lose money when you’re hacked or go offline. You’re also likely to miss potential income when your site is slow to load or filled with dead links.

Conversely, when these problems are eliminated, you’re positioned to strengthen your company’s bottom line. A maintenance service can provide multiple functions at a reasonable price, so you don’t have to interview and hire a different techie for each issue.

2. Your Site Will Perform Better and Possibly Rank Higher

Are you aware of which plugin is slowing down your website? And is your SEO and XML Sitemaps compliant with the latest standards?

Today’s users won’t tolerate sites that take longer than usual to load. There are so many well-designed and maintained sites from which to choose that there’s no reason for a user to settle for subpar performance.

Keep in mind that Google’s algorithm could punish you for a slow-loading site while moving your competitor’s site higher in the rankings. Instead, provide your users with a comfortable and enjoyable experience by utilizing the experience of a professional WordPress maintenance service.

3. You Won’t Chase Away Business With a Site That’s Difficult to Navigate

One irritant that users often encounter is broken links. A potential client reads your compelling copywriting, understands the need for the product you’re offering, and then clicks on the highlighted link only to end up with an error message. That sort of experience quickly reduces a user’s confidence in your product as well as your company.

Website content and pages change over time; it’s almost inevitable you will end up with broken links at some point or another.  Do you have enough staff members to prioritize checking for broken links? A good maintenance service continually analyzes links to validate their functionality keeping your users happy. And happy users typically increase your bottom line.

4. You’ll Gain Confidence in Your Site’s Performance

Large companies like Netflix use content delivery networks to deliver digital content to their users reliably. A content delivery network is a group of linked servers connected over a wide area. Major companies have content delivery networks that cover the globe.

Your enterprise may not be as large as Netflix, but your site could still see a jump in performance and reliability with a content delivery network. The network would host your content on various servers, reducing your vulnerability should any single server fail.

Not everyone offers this service. So, if you’re wondering how to choose WordPress maintenance services, you can eliminate those that don’t have experience with content delivery networks.

5. You’ll Relax Knowing You’re Behind a Firewall

Sometimes average anti-hacker measures aren’t enough. Does your industry require an extra level of security for your website? A maintenance service can set up a website application firewall between you and potential hackers.

The maintenance service will make sure that the firewall filters out the bad guys while allowing all legitimate traffic to your site. If you were to leave the installation and tweaking of a firewall to non-professionals, you could find yourself with far less protection than you imagine. Additionally, some of your customers could find themselves unable to access your site.

6. You’ll Be Certain That Your Security Features Are Up to Date

If your security features are lacking, intended visitors may not be able to access your site. They could receive warnings from their security software not to continue to your IP address.

Even if your site isn’t flagged as a security risk, there’s another problem with outdated security measures–hackers. Hackers can use innocent-looking but buggy code to enter your site. There may be a flaw in the theme you’re using that hackers can exploit. Or perhaps the problem is with an outdated plugin.

Do you have the ability in-house to evaluate risky theme or plugins? A security breach could make you a candidate for a ransom attack. It could also make your visitors vulnerable.

The hack becomes even more dangerous if you routinely capture and store personal data. That’s why it’s invaluable to have a professional service that knows how to maintain the security WordPress site.

7. You’ll Receive Bonus Creative Input

We all use tools daily that have helpful features that we know little about. For example, our smartphones are capable of doing far more than we typically ask of them. The same is true of WordPress.

There are probably several features that WordPress offers that would be perfect for your business if only you were aware of them. A professional WordPress maintenance service stays up to date on WordPress tools. Every day is spent learning about, installing, and using them.

So, when you employ a maintenance service, you can tap into its knowledge of plugins and other tools that would improve your business. For example, a maintenance service can use analytic software to determine how visitors are using your site. It can then devise ways to keep users on the site longer while making their experience easier and more enjoyable.

8. You Won’t Have to Worry About Text Edits and Graphic Changes

Your website can quickly lose its credibility if it’s filled with outdated text and illustrations. The latest research or a new understanding of a topic can mean your current content is behind the times.

It can be time-consuming, or even challenging, to change headings, replace illustrations and photographs, or update text while still caring for your other duties. But a maintenance service can keep your website relevant so that potential customers aren’t turned off by incorrect information and dated material.

9. You’ll Rest Easy Knowing All Your Key Data is Backed Up

Are you backing up your valuable data? What happens if the last six months of blog entries or this morning’s customer orders all disappear?

Don’t leave backups to chance. The best WordPress maintenance services can back up your data throughout the day. The backups run quietly in the background without causing an interruption.

10. You’ll Have Experts Monitoring Your Site Around the Clock

How often and for how long is your website down? This is a case of what you don’t know CAN hurt you. Every second your website is unavailable represents potential lost revenue. You want to have a professional service monitor your site 24//7 so that when service interruptions occur, your site can be back online as quickly as possible.

11. You’ll Know That Professionals Will Make a Stack Update Without Interrupting Your Customers

There’s nothing like everyone on your staff complaining that the website is down because your IT person tried to make an update. Companies specializing in maintenance services have the know-how to bring your website into compliance with the latest standards without crashing the site.

WordPress updates are typically so smooth that users only notice the improvement, not the installation. One of the reasons updates can go smoothly is because a maintenance service will typically test the major WordPress updates offline on a copy of your website. Only after any and all bugs are fixed will the professionals make updates to your live website.

12. You’ll Be Able to Spend Your Time On Other Matters

You’re going to enjoy your greatest success when you focus on what you do best. That probably doesn’t include WordPress maintenance. Instead, you should consider leaving maintenance to a professional.

Meanwhile, you’ll have time to concentrate on your strengths. For example, you could spend more time on sales or expansion, creating new business opportunities.

Are WordPress Maintenance Services Right For You?

Did you recognize your business in one of the above 12 benefits of using a maintenance service? No doubt you did.

If so, don’t let your competitors take advantage of maintenance services while you continue to try to divide your time between your normal duties and operating your WordPress site.

Take the first step today to benefit from expert WordPress maintenance services with a simple phone call to discuss your business needs with WP Assist.

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