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Improve Retention With Faster Loading Website

The performance of your WordPress website is of utmost importance for keeping your potential customers on your site and engaged. Your page loading speed is one of the biggest indicators of a potential customer’s bounce rate. If the performance of your site impacts the user experience, your potential leads won’t stick around for long. Few people have the patience for a website that’s not snappy and responsive.

And it’s equally important for getting new customers to your site too: Website performance factors, such as loading speed, are part of the algorithm used by Google for search rankings. If your site doesn’t perform well, no one is going to find it.

Better User Experience

Keep visitors engaged with faster loading website.

Improve Website SEO

Get love and a ranking boost from search engines.

WP Rocket Plugin

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Loading Speed Optimization

We take a methodical approach that touches all aspects of your website.  We make sure there are no performance gaps or places where your site could experience slowdowns. Your WordPress site is only as fast as its weakest link.

One way we accomplish this is by putting your website’s files through a “minification” process that removes all the white space, commas, and other unnecessary characters. This makes your entire site much smaller and results in dramatically faster loading times.

We also take a careful approach to configure your site in a way that a user’s browser is used for optimal caching. Having your website’s files optimized and stored on your customers’ computers means that their experience is fast and uniform every time they visit your site.

Image Optimization

In most cases, images are woefully unoptimized for the web, and this can have an immense effect on your WordPress website performance. In fact, images that haven’t been properly optimized can have the biggest impact on your website’s overall performance.

With our Executive and Concierge packages, we offer an enhanced loading speed optimization service that will transform all the images on your site, making them load at breakneck speeds without sacrificing any of their quality.

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Factors Affecting Page Speed Optimization

Improving your page loading speed includes optimizing all the files for your site, making sure all software and databases are configured for speed, and ensuring your web server is properly configured for best performance.

  • Are Loading Speed Improvements Guaranteed?

    A website's loading speed depends on many factors. We have control over improving many aspects of a website's speed, except one - the web hosting environment. If you are using a shared web hosting plan with minimal resources, it is time to consider upgrading to a business-grade hosting environment.

  • Does Loading Speed Affect SEO?

    Tremendously. Google ranks loading speed optimization as one of the single most important factors in ranking, which means a slow site will not be high in search rankings.

  • How Do You Measure the Speed of Your Website?

    There are numerous tools and methods to help measure your website’s performance. Google’s PageSpeed Insights is the most popular for measuring performance and offering suggestions for how to speed things up.