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Reduce Website Outages With Uptime Monitoring

Most web hosts guarantee a certain percentage of website uptime, yet, almost none of them promise 100 percent uptime. This means that, no matter how reliable your host is, there’s a possibility your website could go down.

Hardware and software issues arise, networks go down, and hackers find ways to bring websites offline. This undoubtedly causes impacts to your business. Fortunately, through 24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring, these outages can be identified and fixed before they cause too much of an issue.

Frequent Checks

Get notified immediately when your website goes down.

Protect Your Investment

Outages can negatively impact your advertising campaigns.

Web Host Accountability

Hold web hosting providers accountable to uptime claims.

The Importance of Website Availability

Customers depend on the ability to access your site to stay updated on your business. Potential customers need to be able to access your site at any moment to make a decision on whether or not to do business with you. If your website is down, you lose business. If your business is an e-commerce website or sells some other product or service, the situation is more dire: You’re missing out on sales.

And still another factor to consider is for businesses that run Google or Facebook advertising campaigns. If you’re funneling traffic back to your site and it’s down, you’re paying for visitors that you’ll never actually receive. Reliable uptime monitoring should undoubtedly be an important part of your business.

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Website Availabilty Enhances Your Online Presence

Whether your website is a way to get customers into your physical store or you do all of your business online, your website is often the first impression a person gets of your business. The quality and reliability of your site reflects the quality and reliability of your business. If your site is down, this can permanently damage the trust someone has in your company.

  • What Happens If My Website Goes Down?

    In the event of your website going down, WPAssist is alerted and we immediately begin investigating the issue. If your site is hosted with us, we work to get your site back up and running right away. If you use another web host for your website, we’ll contact you so that you can get in touch with your provider and they can begin investigating on their end.

  • How often Do You Check Website Uptime?

    Our Startup and Executive plans monitors your website every five minutes to ensure its availability. For our Concierge plan, we check every 60 seconds.