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Safeguard Your Website With Daily Cloud Backups

In all probability, you have backups running on your business computers to maintain the integrity of your records. Website backups are no different. Transactions, blog posts, comments, and customer information are all things that need to be backed up in the event of failure. In fact, depending on how complex your website is, having a quality WordPress backup service is even more paramount.

E-commerce websites, for example, can potentially process hundreds of transactions per day. The data in these types of websites is changed and modified frequently. Not having a reliable backup of your site on a consistent basis can result in a lot of lost business.

Daily Backups

Reliable and secure website backups done every day.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage offers maximum flexibility and security.

One-Click Restore

Easily restore your website with backups from up to 90 days.

Daily Backups

We run our WordPress backups every day, 365 days a year. During the backup process, we take an entire snapshot of your website as it was at the time of the backup, including the entire structure of your site, its content, and all the information stored in its databases.

Remote Storage

Once a backup is made of your website, it’s transferred to a secure facility offsite. This ensures that, if something were to happen to your website, your information isn’t at risk. We can move quickly to retrieve your website from the remote location and restore its availability.

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How Often Should I Back Up My Site

How often you back up your website depends on how often it changes, but there’s no such thing as backing up too often. With our Economy and Executive plans, we back up your website once a day every day. For our Concierge plan, we back up your site twice a day.

  • What Happens If I Have to Use a Backup?

    If something goes wrong with your site and it needs to be restored, a restoration process is run on your site that restores it to the state of the last backup. Your site will have all its information restored as it was when this backup was taken.

  • How Long Are Backups Kept?

    We store all of our WordPress backups for a full 90 days. If, for whatever reason, you determine that you need to restore your website from the state it was in a week ago, we can help you.

  • Why are WordPress Backups Stored Remotely?

    All website backups are uploaded to a reliable and secure Amazon cloud storage. Having the backups offsite means the backups are still accessible in the event your website becomes unreachable due to a server issue or malicious activity.