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Stay in Control With Unlimited WordPress Support

Your website needs to reflect and grow alongside your business. Whether you’re offering new products, changing your branding, or simply want a way to communicate regularly with your customers, eventually you’ll need to edit your website.

Website edits are typically small changes made to the imagery or text you have on your site. Maybe you’ve recently updated the photography for the products you offer. Or perhaps you’ve decided to change the way you describe your services to your customers. Whatever the case is, our WordPress experts are here to help make your website edits happen.

Unlimited Edits

Whether it's an image or a blog article, it's covered!

Canadian Developers

Work with local developers right here in Canada.

WordPress Consultants

Talk to us about new features for your website.

Unlimited Edits

We can help you keep your site updated with small changes as they’re needed. Whether it’s adding an image, updating some text, or changing the colours on your site, we can handle it. Here are some ways we can edit your WordPress website:

  • Add new images
  • Swap out banners
  • Modify or replace text
  • Publish a new blog post
  • Add or change widgets

Expert WordPress Support

You can think of WPAssist as your resident WordPress tech support. Our experts are here to help you make edits to your site quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on your business. If you aren’t sure exactly what your site needs—no problem. Get in touch with us, and we’ll do the necessary homework to figure out what your website needs to accomplish the goals you have in mind.

There’s also no need to worry about explaining what you need to someone whose first language isn’t English. We’re all right here in Canada, and we’re happy to have a conversation with you about the WordPress changes you need.

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How Many Website Changes Do I Need

The kind of website you have for your business and how often it changes will determine the number of edits you’ll need. While some sites won’t change that often, others, such as e-commerce websites, require more frequent updates.

  • Which WordPress Maintenance Plan is Right For Me?

    Our Professional plan is great for small or new websites that don't need a lot of changes, and it meant for companies or individuals who are comfortable making changes themselves. Our Concierge plans, on the other hand, offers unlimited edits for more established and dynamic websites.

  • What if I Need More Complex Changes?

    For more significant changes to your WordPress website, such as new functionality, custom development, and content creation, contact us for a custom quote.