May 9, 2022

What Are the Benefits of Offering Web Push Notifications?

Do you feel like your email marketing is getting stale these days? Like it hasn’t been effective as it used to be?

If you desire a powerful marketing tool that will better engage your audience once they leave your website, then you want to know more about Push Notifications.

Recent statistics suggest that the typical open rate is less than 2% for emails. Meanwhile, the average open rate of a push notification is 20%. The typical click-through rate for emails is 1-2% and the average for push notifications is a whopping 28%.

Further, a push notification causes an instant reaction while an email may (or may not) have a reaction for at least 6.5-hours.

If you want an approach that will generate better ROI, look to website push notifications. Now, let’s go into further detail about what it is and how it can benefit your marketing initiatives.

What are Push Notifications?

Website push notifications are messages that a website or web application will send to a user who opts in to receive them. When the user is browsing online, the notification goes to their desktop or mobile device. The user will receive these notifications even if they are not, at that moment, visiting your website.

new blog post push notification

When you create web push notifications correctly and execute them according to plan, they have the potential to boost overall site traffic along with conversion rates and remarketing campaigns. You can achieve better results at a much higher rate than other common marketing strategies.

Push notifications offer a tremendous opportunity to connect with your target audience. However, if you don’t think through the process carefully, you risk it having a negative impact. Use your website push notification wisely to make the greatest impact.

Benefits of Push Notifications

There are many reasons that marketing experts suggest push notifications to increase engagement and sales. One reason is that it is faster to create a web push notification than it is to create a marketing email. Plus, you don’t need the user’s email address to send the notification.

Web push notifications encourage a conversion action, including purchasing from you for the first time. For the end-user, a web notification is hard to miss.

Opt-in Rate

Web push notifications have a high opt-in rate, which is why they are more effective than a traditional pop-up. The challenge with pop-ups is that a user will have to enter their email address and then you will need to create the emails for your newsletters and promotions.

push notification alert

Since the end-user doesn’t need to enter their information, you will have a higher opt-in rate with push notifications than with an email opt-in. Visitors can be extremely hesitant to share personal information about themselves online. Plus, users who opt-out of push notifications are low.

They Work in Real-Time

If you want a way to communicate instantly with your audience, web push notifications act in real-time. When you are ready with the details you want to send on the backend, the message goes out immediately to the subscribers.

Let’s say you have a flash sale; your customers will know about it with the snap of the fingers. This alone is highly beneficial for your business.

Boost Website Traffic

Another fantastic benefit is the increase in traffic to your site. To achieve this, you need the message for the push notification to be worthy of the user’s attention. The more tempting the message is, the more traffic you get.

If you have an e-commerce site, as you boost traffic, you want to encourage your audience to shop. Emails can be skipped, deleted, or unopened. With web push notifications, you get a quick, straightforward path to grabbing the user’s attention.

When visitors opt-in for push notification, it typically means that they like your brand and enjoy your product or solution. That’s why they want the notifications.

Opt-ins from brand advocates are potent with future purchases.

Improve Conversions

You can request that users subscribe to notifications that are specific to particular products. You can also ask if they wish to be notified of updates.

For instance, if a shopper sees an item that is out of stock or thinks the price is high, you can ask if they want to subscribe to future alerts. This way, when the product is back in stock or the price drops, they can receive notifications to come back and make a purchase. It creates a higher opportunity for conversion.

Engage Prospects Regularly

Web push notifications allow you to engage, re-engage, and re-target. If you have an e-commerce portal, you probably have customers that save and abandon their cart. Push notifications allow you to send the user critical information on shipping and delivery.

Share important or breaking news with your subscribes.  Whether you own a newspaper or you sell shoes, breaking news is an attention grabber. It means that the notification for the user is real-time and happening now!

push notification on mobile device
You want your audience to receive important news right away and that you can label it as important so that they prioritize what you are saying.


Your audience may ignore promotional emails and newsletters when they lack a genuine message. Push notifications have authenticity, which is another reason that they grab attention and offer high conversion. It’s harder to ignore a message that you see as genuine.

Demonstrates How Unique Your Brand Is

A significant part of your brand is how unique your product or solution is. That’s how your audience will identify you. It is important that they know you for your uniqueness and how you benefit them.

Web push notifications let users see your important content. Let’s say you are a blogger. You want users to know when you have new and exciting content available.

You can nurture your audience this way. It’s a way to engage them continually and they will get to know your company better. They will see your trends and remember this as part of your brand.

100 Characters or Fewer

Writing a web push notification means you only need one line of copy versus all the verbiage you need for an email campaign. Your message can make a giant impact in less than 100-characters.

Can you imagine increasing sales in so few words? You can generate an exorbitant amount of traffic, if your notifications are interesting, crisp, and to the point.

No Mobile App Needed

When you set up push notifications, your subscribers don’t need to have a mobile app for you to reach them. Mobile applications can cost a lot to create, so if you can avoid them, you’ll cut down costs. Website notifications are like app push notifications.

Get Around Spam Filters

One challenge for email marketing is if your marketing message gets caught in spam. Your email runs a higher risk of not being read and just trashed.

You don’t have this with a web push notification. In fact, 100% of the communication goes to the visitor or prospect and in real-time at the right time!

Data, Metrics, and Tracking

A major benefit of web push notifications is that you can track metrics. This allows you to get the insight you need to create better strategies. You will not only see a user’s behaviour, but you will also get granular analytics on:

  • Open rates
  • Engagement
  • Delivery receipts

You will map out user behaviour and get a good look at the performance of your messages. This is the information and detail that you will need in order to tweak your campaigns and achieve better results.

Add Push Notifications to WordPress

There are many 3rd party vendors which provide push notification plugins that seamlessly integrate with WordPress.  With push notification plugins you can send important news, latest updates, and special offers with an easy to use notification service. Additionally, you can automate your content strategy by automatically pushing new blog posts and send weekly or monthly digest campaigns straight to your subscribers phone or desktop.

If you’re ready to add push notifications to your marketing strategy, WP Assist can help you get you up and running.  Integrating push notification with your WordPress website can help keep your subscribers engaged, increase website traffic and boost sales and conversions.

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