December 12, 2020

5 Great Reasons to Use a WordPress Maintenance Service

In the digital world, having a great website is more crucial than ever. It’s the single most important marketing tool you have, and if it doesn’t look and perform well, people won’t give your business their attention, let alone their loyalty. This is especially true if you’re selling services or goods online.

There are plenty of solutions out there for building a great-looking and well-performing website. One that many go with is WordPress. And with good reason: WordPress has a massive community of users and developers with thousands of plugins available to help you craft the perfect website, whether it’s a blog or an e-commerce shop.

Of course, to keep a website running smoothly, there are endless technical worries. And while WordPress solves a lot of the problems with getting a website up and running, the other technical considerations don’t simply disappear. Like other websites, WordPress websites require ongoing maintenance and technical know-how to keep them running well.

How a WordPress Maintenance Service Can Help

Website hosting provides a means for your website to be accessible to the outside world. You pay for a server, upload your website, and users can access your website via your domain name. But after that, things start to get complicated. You have to worry about bandwidth, security, patches, and performance. And with most hosting services, their support staff only goes so far. They’re there to make sure things are simply working—not to help you get the most out of your website. You become responsible for anything beyond the basics.

Going with a website maintenance service is a means by which you can have all the technical maintenance handled by someone that specializes in keeping things running smoothly for you. A maintenance service takes care of all the maintenance, software updates, security, backups, and performance considerations without you having to worry about it.

Specifically, a WordPress maintenance service specializes in keeping your WordPress website running smoothly. In addition to all the usual maintenance activities, a WordPress maintenance service makes sure your core WordPress software is running in tip-top shape, including patching and maintaining all of your plugins and themes. This allows you to offload all of the technical concerns and worries and instead focus on providing great content, services, and products to your customers and readers.

Great Reasons to Go with a WordPress Maintenance Service

Given the clear benefits of using a maintenance service, one might wonder why a WordPress maintenance service, in particular, would be better for your website. Here are just a few clear reasons.

1. Better Security

A website’s security—especially if it’s popular—can be a full-time job. Bad actors are always looking for holes and exploits to take advantage of so that they can gain access to your business’s information, whether it’s your data or your customer’s private records.

WordPress is no exception. In fact, its popularity makes it a prime target for hackers and crackers who comb through the software looking for weaknesses to exploit. And given its complexity, those weaknesses aren’t necessarily few and far between.

A WordPress maintenance services takes a huge burden off of you in this regard. They’ll have a WordPress security strategy in place that helps protect against some of the most common vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. These strategies can include preventing unwanted logins to your WordPress installation and related databases, regular malware scans, and limiting suspicious requests to your website.

2. Better Update Management

Like a program you use on your computer, websites are software that need to be regularly updated. More features, better performance, and patching vulnerabilities are all part of maintaining your website and its software. WordPress has a ton of features and functionality, which means there’s a lot that needs to be maintained. And the more plugins you use, the more updates you need to apply.

A WordPress maintenance services takes the burden off of you. Updates are applied regularly so that your website is always operating at peak performance. And many maintenance services have update routines in place so that, should your website be patched with a bad update, they can simply roll it back to the state it was in before the patch. Moreover, a WordPress maintenance service is focused entirely on the WordPress platform and all of its underlying technologies, meaning your core WordPress software, along with all of your plugins and themes, are regularly updated and operating at peak performance.

3. Better Performance

In the age of technology, users expect instant results. If a potential customer visits your site and it doesn’t load as fast as they expect it to, they’re very likely to back out and go with the next website down in their search results. It’s so important, in fact, that a big part of Google’s ranking algorithm is calculated on how fast your website loads. For this reason, it’s worth it to make sure your website’s loading speed and performance are at its best.

With a maintenance provider, all of these considerations are handled for you. Most providers have a caching system, along with a Content Delivery Network, to ensure your site is always functioning at lightning speeds. And if you decide to enlist a maintenance service that specializes in WordPress, there are ways they can optimize your website even further, since their methods can be tailored to WordPress’s specific set of technologies.

4. Better Support

With a typical web host, the support team is spread out among hundreds or thousands of clients, each with a different kind of website configuration. Not only will support typically be more difficult to reach, but when you do get the help you need, it’s liable that the support staff will require more time for them to familiarize themselves with your technology setup.

With a maintenance service, the support team is also the technical team. They’re already familiar with your setup because they’re the team that’s built it and maintained it from day one. And with a provider that specializes in WordPress, your setup is finely-tuned and familiar. If you do experience an issue, the experts at your disposal have likely seen it before and know the exact steps necessary to get things running as expected.

5. Ease and Simplicity

As is clear by now, a maintenance service is going to make your life a lot easier when it comes to running an online business or even a simple blog. Which brings us to the best reason for using one: It’s just plain simple.

All the technical responsibilities that go into maintaining your website are offloaded onto a team of experts dedicated to making sure your website is performing at its best. This leaves you to worry about what’s truly essential: What products are in your pipeline or what kind of content you want to create.

Utilizing a maintenance service is especially great for those that are just starting out in the online business and digital content worlds. If topics like programming languages and databases and security patches make your head spin (and you aren’t alone), then it’s a great way to keep it all running smoothly without worrying about what it even means. Coupled with the ease and usability of WordPress, your online business gets tenfold easier.


There’s no doubt a lot to consider when it comes to running a website. Security, software updates, performance, uptime, and general maintenance are all necessary parts of keeping things under the hood running as they should. Neglecting just one of them can mean the difference between keeping the lights on and having the whole thing come crashing down around your ears. Deciding to go with a WordPress maintenance service from a trustworthy company can free up your time and energy to focus on what’s truly important to you: Running your online business.

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