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Improve Traffic & Rankings With Monthly Website Audit

Keeping your website running smoothly and efficiently takes a lot of work. Content creation, and marketing strategies can contribute or deter from your website’s effectiveness. But there are also a plethora of technical aspects regarding your website that can have massive and lasting impacts on its success.

These technical aspects of your website are used by Google and other search engines to determine search rankings, and they’re just as important as the quality of your website’s content. To give your website the best chance of success, you need to ensure that your site has a solid technical foundation. That's where a website audit comes in.

Improve Website SEO

Fix technical issues impeding your search engine rankings.

Increase Conversions

A problem free website delivers a better user experience.

Receive Monthly Report

Stay on top of problems before they cause significant issues.

WordPress Website Audit

Many of the technical factors that impact website performance can be experienced firsthand: Broken links or missing image files gives the impression that your website isn’t regularly maintained. Security warnings can make your visitors uneasy.

Others aren’t so obvious. Problems with meta titles and descriptions or an improperly configured robots.txt won’t be apparent to you or your users. But these kinds of issues can have serious consequences on your search rankings.

Technical Audit

Our website audits can help you find and resolve issues with your website’s technical aspects, construction, and content. Some potential problem a WordPress website audit can identify are:

  • Security issues with your website’s protocol
  • Broken links and images
  • Problems with your meta titles and descriptions
  • Search indexing issues with your sitemaps
  • Thin content and duplication issues.
  • And more
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How Often Should I Run A Website Audit

Websites often change and these changes will invariably lead to small issues that need to be resolved. We recommend running a website audit at least once a month. With the Concierge plans, we’ll run an audit on your website every month to make sure it maintains its integrity.

  • What's Included in a Website Audit?

    A website audit is a way to measure the overall health of your website. The audit will perform various SEO and technical analysis looking for errors, missing images, and broken links. The audit will check for pages blocked from search engines, and the existence of a sitemap and robots.txt file. Additionally, the audit will conduct a Meta Analysis looking for errors relating to missing or duplicated page titles and meta descriptions.

  • How can a website audit help me?

    Underlying technical issues can cause disruption to your users as well as impact your search rankings. An audit can help you identify these issues so that they can be addressed, and our experts are happy to help you fix them.